What if We Break (Serendipity #1)

Book Cover: What if We Break (Serendipity #1)
Part of the Serendipity series:

Sometimes the holidays can be complicated...

Dakota Bryant has had more than her share of heartache, especially around the holidays. With her best friend's wedding quickly approaching and her estranged husband in the wedding party, she's not likely to catch a break. Hopefully she can survive the Christmas week with her heart and sanity still intact.

War and loss left Kreed Bryant a shell of the man he once was. Returning home for the holidays to play his role as best man to his closest friend is simple. Facing his biggest challenge... setting things right with the one woman he vowed to move Heaven and Earth for is a lot more complicated.

To find their way back to the love they once had, they will have to be honest about who they are and learn that every journey to happiness is not easy or without heartache.

Publisher: Clean Reads Publishing
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Reviews:Sara Miller on Pretty Little Book Blog wrote:

Love is always complicated, and especially young love and then add to that a military relationship and all of the ins and outs that accompany that. It’s really a tough situation, but when tragedy strikes and forces them apart the emotions really kick into high gear! When a celebration makes our couple cross paths again the sparks are instantaneous! To anyone who has lived in a small town can really relate to the fact that within 10 minutes everyone in town knew about that first run in haha. I love the setting of this story, it’s adorable!

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