Decisions and Forward Progress

Something y’all may not know about yours truly…I love Urban Fantasy and Paranormal books. I always have. I love to craft stories in that genre as much as I do in the contemporary one. I’d been tossing around the idea for sometime…of how I would be able to dip my toes in both areas of fiction that call to me. With the help of my lovely partner in crime, Beth Rhodes, we did a lot of talking…and there was a lot of that. There was also some back and forth…and even more brainstorming,but I am happy to say we reached a solution that I am absolutely thrilled with.

Yours truly will continue to release contemporary romance…that realm will stay as is…of course. Any Urban Fantasy and Paranormal that I give birth to, will be released under the name K.M. Corwin. A little initial action and all is right with Kinsey’s world and I love it! Still me…just a different facet. All shared in this lovely little home here on the web. All the above links to social media platforms will also be for news and keeping in touch no matter which genre you choose to get your Kinsey fix under.

I can’t wait to share with you a little more on what I am working on for my first K.M. Corwin release. Think a mish-mash of paranormal characters…witches, Fae, warlocks, voodoo priestesses, ghosts….it’s all in there but the kitchen sink. Hope you stick around for the ride.


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