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Welcome to all you sun worshipers who, like me, aren’t quite ready to say good bye to the summer! So glad you stopped by. Looking forward to sharing a little excerpt from my newest release, Riptide, which is the first in my Limitless series. This scene has a little heat to it, so if that is not your cup of tea, I will not be offended if you don’t read…but it is a scene I enjoy because of the verbal exchange between the main characters, Hunter and Phoenix. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to check out the other blogs!


Riptide Excerpt ~

With slow deliberate moves, meant to draw this out as long as possible, he ran his tongue over her nipple, then blew softly, causing it to pucker. “No matter how much time passes, you remember me.”

“Dangerous fact.”

“For who?”

“Me.” She pushed against his chest enough to get him to take a step back, then again.

He thought he’d been the one driving this sexual encounter, and with one move, she turned the tables as she hooked her foot around his ankle at the same time she gave him a little shove, sending him sprawling back on the cushioned sundeck of the speed boat. She climbed up to join him, straddling his body. The waterfall cascading down behind them sent a fine mist over them.

His brother was right; he was a goner. Sexually, they were a matched set. Emotionally, they were a train wreck. Yet he had to believe there was more for them. That the emotions that drove them would be the reasons they stood a chance in this crazy churning sea of chaos and love.

“Look at me, Phoenix.”

Their eyes focused on one another and his hands grasped her hips, she slowly guided herself down. Having her like this…being able to look up and see the look on her face and reveling in the feel of being sheathed within her body.

“Still so tight but ready for me.” He lifted her slightly, adjusting to get a better angle, then pushed in a little more. “So beautiful.”

Their bodies rocked together, creating a blissful heat from the friction, and her muscles contracted around him, heightening the sensation of their connection, as the building orgasm finally claim her. Instead of screaming out his name, which he’d come to enjoy hearing, she looked away, but she wasn’t fast enough to hide the tear sliding down her cheek.

“Angel, what’s wrong?”


His movements slowed. This was no longer about him. Something happened in the last few moments that made all his self-absorbed concerns seem meaningless. “Did I hurt you?”


“Talk to me.”

“When my dad threw this in my lap, I wanted no part of it. Saw no way out.” She sat up, their bodies still connected. “I thought I’d lost this.”

“We set boundaries a long time ago, but I’m in this for the long haul, Phoenix.” Hunter lifted her chin, so he could look in her eyes. “I’ve wanted more from this for a while, so if you think that I would let something like your dad being my agent destroy this…then I haven’t done a very good job of showing you what you’re worth to me.”

She rested her forehead against his and took a deep breath. “And here I thought you just wanted me for my body.”

“That’s a perk I plan to enjoy for a long time.” He ran his tongue over her bottom lip and nibbled on it slightly. “Starting right now.”



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