Editing, Beer, and Music

These are the things that make me happy. I’m a simple girl I guess. I love a good beer and am always on the search for something I haven’t tried (though I am not a fan of fruity beer). Today I’m relying on a tried and true Stone IPA. Sometimes you have to go with what you know and love and after a recent disappointment in the Porter division….I had to revert back to an old faithful. Not blaming the beer…I was eating chips and salsa and don’t think it was a good combo.

Editing is sometimes painful and heart-wrenching, but the end product is always fabulous. And music….I can’t survive a day without putting on some tunes. Today as I sit here ready to hunker down and finish my first round edits for my summer release, I find that I am in need of some Twenty One Pilots. Ride seems to be quite appropriate and really gets me going. Loving this band and thankful my nieces and sister turned me on to them (even if my oldest niece is on the verge of driving us all insane with her need to repeat lyrics constantly). Enjoy and may it get you grooving along to whatever pursuit you choose to tackle today! Cheers!

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