Wow, you found my little hole in the wall…I mean home away from home on the web. I’m K.M.¬†Corwin, a lover of urban fantasy. I indulge my imagination and ponder the ‘what if’s’ of mixing the realm of the paranormal and fantasy with the urban settings we know and love. Vampires? You betcha. The Fae? Without a doubt. Weres of all shapes and sizes? Absolutely. Witches, warlocks, druids, and all other mythical and mystical beings? YES!

While I have a slight love affair with mythology (which is sure to make it’s appearance in my work), nothing is off limits when the fantastical creatures we know and love are merged with a world we are familiar with. I have every intention of indulging my muse and letting her run a muck with every little idea she can conjure in my mind.

Muses being what they are, I also find myself dabbling in contemporary romances from time to time. All my contemporary romances are written under the name Kinsey Corwin. These stories help me reset my brain when I get a little lost in the worlds I create. My contemporary romance stories tend to be set near beaches or in small towns of my minds creating. They are usually fueled by my love of the ocean and country music.

Welcome to my playground. Stop by and see what I am up to and any news pertaining to book releases and shenanigans.