Wow, you found my little surf shack…I mean home away from home on the web. I’m Kinsey Corwin, a contemporary romance author who really is drawn to small town stories, beaches, and cowboys (I know, that is quite a mix). Let me explain:

  • Small towns just hold this laid back kind of appeal to them. There’s something alluring about the slower pace and sense of community in a small town that you just don’t get in those big cities.
  • I spent quite a bit of time on the sandy islands around Panama and fell in love with the sea and all it encompasses.
  • I was born in the south and well, that never really left me either, so it kind of became part of the package.

My first novella, After the Storm, is an intro into my fictional Alaskan town of Ember Cove, which will be released this summer and I can’t wait to share more about that little gem with you all. To find out more information on the book release, please check my book page!